Keep Calm and Fight On

This quote conspires with everything in life. In almost every obstacle, goal, and competition, there will be times when you’re down and you have to keep fighting and keep believing in yourself to get back up. Belief is everything. If you want to fight hard and push through your challenges, you need to have faithContinue reading “Keep Calm and Fight On”


Today I want to write about making decisions and choices and about how important it is to make the right ones. In life, you will be forced to make many different choices, some small, such as your attire, while others are much more important, such as your career and the path that you want toContinue reading “Decisions”

The Power of Belief

In my life I’ve had plenty of lessons with belief and how powerful it is when you want to accomplish something. No matter how hard you work, if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t get it done. If you put all your focus and belief towards something, nothing can stop you from achieving it.Continue reading “The Power of Belief”

How to always show your true self

How can you be your true, authentic self in a world that’s constantly trying to change you? Being yourself is incredibly important. You’re different from everyone else, so be proud of that, don’t try to hide it. Never try to fit into the crowd, for there is nothing wrong with straying from the group. InContinue reading “How to always show your true self”

Positive and Negative Energy

Everything in life has a contrast between positive and negative, a “polarity”. When you wake up every day, you have a choice. A choice to be positive and lift the people around you up, or a choice to be negative and bring people down. Lifting people up has more benefits than you think. Not onlyContinue reading “Positive and Negative Energy”