Finding Joy in Nature

Over the course of the past few days, I have spent a lot of time in nature. Beach walks, Hiking, Sports, Biking, etc. This time outdoors has led me to truly appreciate something that has been taken for granted by so many people: nature. It’s funny how something so common in the world can bring so many joy vibes to my soul. So many people look past the great outdoors; they are more focused on material things than something so natural and special.

Just listening to sounds of nature is so special. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of small lizards in the leaves, the sound of rain hitting the ground and trees, and so much more can be viewed as true joy or just something boring. Being in nature can help you be one with your thoughts. You can cut out some distracting thoughts and truly be at one with the force of nature. Nature can give you a lot of free time to self-reflect or soul search. When everything around you is peace and quiet, you can be more at one with your mind and your soul, and you can escape the hurry and rush from the hectic world.

I hope this article convinced you to take a step into tranquility and spend some time in nature. Nature is such a true gift and I hate to see people take it for granted. Every time I see the value of nature, I feel more connected to my heart than my mind. Sending you joy vibes!

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I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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