Feeling truly grateful for someone is an amazing feeling. Gratitude is something that you should think about every day. Find something or someone that you’re truly thankful for in life and let that feeling lift you up. Start each day with a grateful mind and than let those thoughts go to your heart. Remember that there is a difference between gratitude and guilt. Guilty thoughts constantly put you down, as if something is dragging you into a lower vibration. Whereas grateful thoughts have positivity behind them, and they will lift your vibration up. When someone makes you feel loved, appreciated or cared for, it makes you think better about yourself and gives you positive vibes to keep you going. It’s important to constantly return the favor to people, to lift them up and to support them.

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling. When I was younger, my family and I would write three things we were grateful about every night. Constantly appreciating someone or something puts good, positive thoughts into your head and your heart. Appreciate the people you have in your life now because you might look back and wish you didn’t take them for granted. Sending you joy vibes!

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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