A Trek Through Life

Earlier this week, my family and I went on a super cool hiking trail that was full of exciting moments. There were times when we got lost, when we had to choose between paths, when we had to pass slow people in front of us, and when we went through crazy twists and turns. On the car ride home, I thought of a cool analogy of how a hiking trail is similar to life. Life is full of so many events that you can’t control. But you can control which direction you’re headed in.

It’s easy to feel lost in life at times. Everyone feels every now and then, but the important thing is to find yourself. Sometimes you have to turn around and walk back to a new trail. This can feel like letting go of something holding you back and can help you feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. Finding yourself can help give you confidence back and your life will feel more true and right. Choosing between paths is a decision in life that we make almost every day. These choices can be small, such as, where to go for lunch today. They can also be life-changing choices, such as, what you want to do for a living. Choosing a path can be difficult but one way will always feel more right than the other.

Passing people doesn’t just mean moving on from people in life. They can represent something slowing you down. When there’s someone or something always dragging you down into negative energy and vibes, you’ll never be able to stay at a high frequency for long. You have to move on from that negativity, whether it’s a person or environment, and you can’t look back.

You are in control of where you go in life. You can choose to go uphill, downhill, take sudden turns or pass something holding you back. This analogy inspired me to take hold of my life, and control where I want it to go. I hope it does the same for you. Sending you joy vibes!

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

3 thoughts on “A Trek Through Life

  1. Beautiful Geo.

    I have written about this negative energy – environment and people- in my book : 4 Pillars of Abundant Life.

    You are a wise young man šŸ˜ŠšŸ¤—

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