Joyful Moment #4 – Beach Walk with the Family

The other day, I experienced one of the most joyful moments I’ve ever had in the beauty of nature. My family and I started our normal beach walk course, headed for the rocks, where cool crystals and shells were aplenty. My sister got an idea that we should head for a cove which cut right through the rocky path. The journey took a lot of focus and balance, (and foot pain), but when we made it there, it was so worth it. A small beach lied in front of us, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. With no one in sight, it was just us there to live that wonderful experience. I found some of the best-looking shells and crystals that I’ve seen. It was such a peaceful, quite, and most importantly, joyful moment that I can’t wait to experience again.

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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