Goals – Stepping Stones to your Dreams! Springtime – the Best Time to Set Them!

Goals are like stepping stones to your dreams. Set great goals — and achieve them — and you’ll live big dreams. Spring is here and the new energy in the world makes it the perfect time to set and achieve a new goal. It’s never too late to reach for the stars and strive for what you want to achieve. It takes preparation to set and determination to achieve a goal, but, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a joyful process. When you achieve what you wanted to, you have more pride in yourself and it is so worth all of the hard work. Today, I’m going to show you how to set and then achieve a goal and how it can be joyful.

Setting a goal is the first step to achieving it. When setting a goal, it is critical to make sure that it is a detailed, specific and measurable goal in order to achieve it. You have to find ways that you can improve yourself every day and implement them into your life. Make the process measurable so that you can see how much you’re improving every day. Preparation is key for a goal. You cannot walk into a goal’s process without any thought or expectation, so make sure to plan ahead. You don’t have to set a dream to make it reality. A dream is something that should be natural, something that you’ve always wanted to do such as becoming a master chef, professional athlete or starting a business. A dream has to be something that you are truly passionate about and believe in. It can’t feel like you’ve been made to do it, because if so, it’s not your true dream. A dream’s process can consist of many goals to bring it into reality. Once you know what you want to do, the next step is to achieve it.

True Story – A goal to step closer to my dream that I once achieved:

A super intense tennis coach of mine once challenged me with a drill that he wanted me to complete. No one he had every challenged, nor a great number of other players he knew other coaches had challenged to it, had ever finished this drill. I wanted to be the first! He called it the “Truth Drill”…named to indicate that it told the truth about what kind of person/player you are. This drill had 70 components (that progressed in difficulty) and it was extremely challenging to complete just one of them. After getting super organized, prepared and ready with my team, I started the long, tedious process of the drill. Despite my preparation and team support, at about halfway, I eventually started to hit a plateau. I struggled to gain any momentum to finish it. My family decided to set an end date for completion. This decision helped me get back on track and have a clear end in sight. We were able to break it down by weeks, and then days, in an effort to finish it by year-end (2017). We knew exactly what had to be done. This decision made all the difference. The dedication also made it happen as we were willing to invest the time on holidays, late nights, early mornings and long days, etc. Because of my preparation, dedication and hard work, I was able to finish the drill just before the time limit. That was one of my most memorable accomplishments and it felt amazing to achieve it. It felt incredibly hard at the time, but, now, looking back, the journey of it all feels remarkable and I smile fondly at some of those freezing late nights, early mornings and altered family traditions… because we were together trying to achieve something and it felt so good to get it done… and to be the first.

So grateful I let this “Truth” drill show me the truth about who I AM.

Goals and Dreams both have a long process that can sometimes be frustrating at times. When this happens, the worst mistake that you can make is to doubt yourself, allow negativity into your environment or give up. Dreams and goals wouldn’t have rewards if there wasn’t a test or a challenge. Nothing special ever came easy. Think of the joy you will have when you complete your journey and use that energy to keep on pushing. Have faith in the process and faith in yourself. You chose to work hard for what you want and you will succeed! Focus on the right thoughts. When you picture giving up and think of how negative you feel, those thoughts will hover over you and lower your vibration and frequency. It can be scary thinking that you won’t be able to finish what you wanted and that thought will do nothing but make it true. Visioning your success and a positive end to the process will bring it into reality. Use your belief in yourself to overcome any negative thoughts. Focus on who you are and how proud you are of yourself that you’re doing this. Once you achieve your dream you’re aren’t going to think about the moment you finished. You will look back on the journey and the day-to-day struggle and every moment that led up to it coming true, so make sure to believe in yourself and keep on going.

I hope this article encouraged you to set some goals and to follow them to your dreams. Springtime energy will support you! The final result is so worth anything that comes your way. Sending you joy vibes!

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I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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