Staying Positive

Remaining in a positive mind frame can be difficult at times. It’s super important to react positively to life’s hurdles. Sometimes in life we can care a little too much about other people’s happiness before our own. We exude so much energy that we have no positivity and optimism left for ourselves. The people that take your energy and give you none back are a group of people that I call energy takers, and you don’t want to hang around them. There are different kinds of energy takers that you should look out for. Today I’m going to tell you both kinds and will show you some tips to deal with this negativity and not let it affect you.

There are some types of these “energy takers” that are actually pretty common in the world today. The first type you’ll often see looking depressed and have a shallow attitude. Their energy is so low all the time to the point where you spread so much positivity to them and they give nothing back to you. This cycle is not a friendship at all because in a friendship, two people lift each other up with their energy. You probably won’t want to hang around with these people any longer because they make you feel tired, negative and sad. A second type of “energy taker” is less common and more aggressive. They try to break you down so that you lose belief in yourself, point out the problems in you rather than what makes you great, and they make you feel like something’s wrong with you. It’s very important to stay strong and focus on who you are rather than what someone else thinks you are when you are dealing with these people. This energy sucker is trying to either make you believe what they say, or to get an angry, negative reaction out of you. These people often get mad when they don’t get what they want so they can transform from a sweet, fake act to a violent, angry demeanor. It’s best to simply stay calm and look for the positivity inside yourself so that you can ignore and lift yourself up. Here are some more tips for dealing with energy takers so that you can be more in charge and less of a victim.

Often, when someone’s mind and vision are clouded, they can’t see an energy taker right in front of them. In order to identify one, you have to have a clear mind or a mind full of positive thoughts. You have to use your thoughts to manifest what you want. In order to do this, you need to have belief. When you’re dealing with someone who drags you down, it is important to focus on something positive that lifts you up. I think belief is a great topic to focus on because you can believe in anything you want. Focusing on your belief in yourself and knowing who you are gives you strength, hope and confidence. Belief has so much power because it changes your thoughts, and your thoughts manifest your reality. At the end of the day we all want peace, joy and happiness so focusing on those things will attract them. When you believe in yourself it feels like you have your back and that you are safe from any negativity or problems that come your way. A giant weight is lifted off of your shoulders and you begin to feel free. As good as spreading positivity is, you can’t waste it on a person who doesn’t want it. In this situation, keep it for yourself for a while and find someone who truly deserves it.

I hope this article encouraged you to walk away from energy takers and take a step into more positivity. A lot of times energy takers are right in front of you and it takes courage and confidence to walk away. Sending you joy vibes!

P.S. – Practical Tip – One way to make sure you’re not taking energy is to constantly add a little positive energy into the room. My family has a thing we do where when the energy gets a little stagnant, low or icky, we say “add in” and everyone adds a little positive energy. We very quickly change the energy in the room by taking responsibility for the energy we bring by making sure we’re adding in rather than taking away. Even if just one of us is able to give the effort at the time – it makes all the difference – energy is absolutely contagious… so, keeping it positive is worth the effort for sure!

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I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

3 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. It is good to be aware of how energy of people around us affects our own, so we can pro-actively protect ourselves. It is so lovely to know that your family shares this awareness and so amazing how you all make it a very practical part of your life to contribute to each other. Awesome!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! Well said and so true…awareness of energy is so important in the world right now! Sending you joy vibes!!!!

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