Exuding Joy

Joy has the power to light up the world when you use it the right way. Exuding joy not only makes you feel happy, it lifts up all the people in close proximity to your vibration. When you exude joy, it spreads very contagiously and affects everyone near you no matter how much fear or negativity they have. There are so many different ways to spread joy and everyone does it differently. Exuding joy can range from a great, positive conversation to a generous act of kindness, such as a gift or a smile. When you exude joy, the feeling of watching a reaction to your energy feels so cool. Knowing that you made someone’s day just a little better will help give you more pride and satisfaction. In order to do that, the joy must be authentic and heart-felt. It can’t be faked or made-up. So, what are some ways for you to exude authentic, powerful joy?

There are so many different ways to exude joy. Today we’re just going to cover some of the more simple ones that can perfectly fit any situation and will bring a lot of positive vibes. A lot of people don’t understand the true power of a smile or an authentic laugh. These two are very simple to do and are, sadly, a little rare to come by. When you go out in the world and see someone smiling and laughing truthfully, 99% of the time the person next to him or her is also smiling. Positivity and joy are that contagious and can spread to anyone no matter how negative they may feel or seem. These two actions are so simple and yet they have the power to lift someone’s vibe up. Another way to make someone feel happy is to make them feel heard and understood in a conversation. A lot of people don’t have the patience to respectfully listen to what someone is saying. They either ignore them or make them feel rushed and not cared for. When this happens, the person is likely to not care what you say and treat you rudely back. That’s how negativity spreads. When you act negatively towards a person, they give you a share of it back which eventually leads into an endless downfall of frustration, anger, fear and pain. It feels really good to be truly listened to and when that happens, they are most likely to treat you with the same kind of respect. Smiles, laughter and respect are three simple ways to lift someone up and make their day.

The world is in a place right now where it needs more joy and less fear. I feel like it would be in a better place if everyone took the time to spread a little joy to a stranger every day. If everyone started seeing a person according to their vibration/energy rather than if they are ‘better’ or richer or superior to that person, then the world would be a different place. People focus on the wrong stuff so that they can feel either better about themselves or so that they can put down others. You would be surprised by the power a simple greeting and a smile to a stranger can have. You will never spread positivity and get nothing back. That’s just not how it works. When you’re talking to a loved one or someone that you see every day, it can be very easy for something to fly out of your mouth that has the potential to hurt that person. Some precautions that you should take for this not to happen is to always think for a moment before you might say something hurtful. You don’t want to do anything that creates consequences that you’ll regret. That will only create a cycle of arguing and the anger will take away the joy. Take a deep breath and just think before you talk. When you are dealing with strangers, take a moment to be kind and to give a little joy to them. They won’t expect it and their reaction will often be taken aback, surprised and joyful. You may create a new friendship with one mere comment and even if you don’t, you can enjoy the act, and the fruits, of spreading positivity.

I hope this article encouraged you to start exuding even more joy and spreading even more positivity. Joy has the power to change the world – for the better! I encourage you to try out some of these steps in order to give someone a little extra joy in their life. Sending you joy vibes!

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

10 thoughts on “Exuding Joy

  1. Authentic laughter and pure joy are such gifts I agree, and a major antidote to the fear culture around us. There is so much more around that we can choose to focus on that would bring us joy. Great artice.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support and kind feedback. This comment made my day! You’re absolutely right about what we can focus on. Joy is an antidote! Sending you the most joyful vibes!

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