Joy and Fear

Joy and fear are everywhere in today’s world. It’s impossible to go out in the world and not see them. Every day you are given a choice — to focus on fear or joy. Choosing one over the other has drastic consequences and effects. Joy can make you feel light, powerful and positive, while fear can make you feel heavy, uncomfortable and tentative. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, it can be a lot easier to find fear and reasons to be fearful than to act with joy. So how can you make sure to find joy, act with it, and keep it in your mind forever? Today I’m going to show you how you can focus more on joy and how to constantly stay focused on what matters.

In order to find joy in life, you can’t be searching and looking for it. When the joy you focus on is more natural, you start to get in a flow where you feel unstoppable. When looking for joy, it feels fake and often insincere. You’ll also find more frustration than joy when you’re constantly looking and waiting for it to come to you. You also can’t sulk around and expect for joy to come knocking at your door. So, it is extremely important to have the perfect balance of natural joy without thinking it will come to you without you doing anything at all. Having a good, positive mindset is critical to attracting joy. Positive thoughts can do wonders for your life and they will help you take a step away from fear and negativity and a lunge into joy, freedom and positivity.

Another great lesson to learn is how to drive your attention away from fear. Your attention is valuable and you shouldn’t waste it on a low vibration. Fear is the lowest of vibrations. Sadly, fear is so common in life today and it is so easy to fall into the trap of fear-based thinking. Most of the main stream media broadcasts fear into everyone’s mind which lowers their vibration and state of mind. Fear based thoughts attract more fear just like how positive based thoughts attract positivity. When you have fear in your mind you feel tight, restrained and sort of helpless. You start to have a lack of belief in yourself which makes you powerless. Anger comes with fear and when that happens, you lose control over yourself. Fear puts you in an endless cycle of pain, misery and hatred. Some ways to lose fear is to keep your attention on high vibrations. Look away from whatever the media tells you and instead listen to what your soul and inner self say. Focus on your belief in yourself and stay true to who you are. Be careful with your thoughts, understand their true power, and of course, think positively.

I hope this article encouraged you to make the choice of joy over fear and freedom over powerlessness. Joy is so much stronger than fear and can do wonders for your life. Once you make small changes to become more positive, your thoughts and vibration get affected immediately. It feels as if a large weight was pulled of your shoulders. I encourage you to give it a shot and to experience this feeling for yourself. Sending you joy vibes!

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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