Searching for your Soul

Knowing who you truly are in life is extremely important. In the world we live in today, it can be extremely difficult to understand and know your true self. It can feel like the world is trying to turn you into something you’re not and that when you show who you are, they don’t like the results. Your thoughts can give you doubt and can blind you from what you truly want in life. That’s why it is so important to step away from your mind and into your true self. A lot of times, your mind can cloud your vision with worried and doubtful thoughts. These thoughts will disrupt any flow of joy and positivity that you had. Joy and positivity help your state of mind — so how can you keep them for good? How do you stay true to who you are and what you are looking for in life?

Before you can be your true self, you have to know who your true self really is. In everyday life, it can be very easy to fake who you are when interacting with other people. Your mind tells you to care what other people think and worry if they think your weird and strange. So you try to fit in and in doing so, hide who you really are. This dishonesty builds up in time so much that you eventually don’t even know who you are. You will split into two people; the one around people and the one when you’re calm and relaxed. These two different selves start to mash together and create a new you that there is nothing special about and doesn’t stand out from the herd. There is something special about your true self that no else has. Don’t give that up to have something that everyone else has. You are given a choice every day to stand out or to fit in. Make sure you make the right decision. Start to care more about showing your true self than hiding it. Because once you show your true self to the world, you shall set it free.

Authenticity is powerful in life. It helps you trust in yourself when no else does. Blur out your mind and listen, truly listen to your soul’s desires. Your soul always has your best interest in mind and will never steer you wrong. In every person that you see, they have a soul begging to be let out. You can tell which people are thinking with their mind or with their soul. The ones listening to the small voice in their head don’t stand out. They often look tired, worried, distraught and confused with their life. The few listening to their soul will stand out from the group. They will often look fulfilled, calm, at peace, joyful, happy and excited. They have some pep in their step that fuels their life. If you make one choice every day to try and listen to your soul, you will find more positivity and joyful thoughts in your daily life. Your soul’s desires eventually go to your mind and clear out all the negative thoughts. This will help you stay on the right path in life.

How can you make sure to listen and truly be your true self? Make sure to blur out what you don’t what to focus on. This includes thoughts like, “What are people going to think?” or “I should act different.” You should always choose to act as your normal self and if people don’t like it, it’s fine. It’s about what you want, not about what other people like or don’t like. Be who you want to be. Get rid of any fear you have of standing out. You can’t be your true self with fear in the back of your mind. In order to act as your soul, you have to be in a joyous, graceful flow. You can’t be your soul if you’re trying super hard to. It’ll end up being much harder than it truly is and you won’t be able to access your true self.

I hope this article made sense and encouraged you to take a step away from your mind and into your soul. When you act with your soul not your mind it can feel like flying. It feels like being free and able to do whatever your soul desires. I hope you give your soul an opportunity to be released from your mind. Sending you joy vibes!

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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