Learning and Listening

Learning from your lessons and listening to the right voices are vital in order to keep improving and to keep moving forward. Being stagnant in life does nothing but waste your time. The Universe is constantly giving you messages in many forms. Some can be a health problem or a work issue or losing someone or something you love. Ignoring these messages/lessons will slow you down and you’ll feel like your life is an uphill climb. If you don’t learn the Universe’s lesson the first time, the Universe will throw another curveball your way. This cycle will repeat itself for a while until you listen and grow or the Universe will find more intense ways to get your attention. The Universe is trying to tell you something that will help you grow and evolve as a person. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences with learning lessons and listening to messages.

In the past week, I have been shown the consequences of ignoring the Universe’s words. I had a lesson that I failed miserably when I got extremely sick and dehydrated. I believe that the Universe was trying to show me that I need to take better care of my body if I want to play tennis at a high level. Right when I was starting to feel better, I started working out again and getting back to normal when I injured my leg on the tennis court. I went and got an X-ray and it showed a really unexpected and frightening problem. I have a giant cyst in my bone which occurred from what I put in my body. The Universe gave me a chance to redeem myself (and also a scare) to grow so that I can fix my nutrition problem and come back better than before. I’ve been vegan for almost my whole life and I’ve started to get a little lackadaisical with how I fuel my body. I’m going to find some ways that I can listen to the Universe like being careful and thoughtful with my actions so I don’t make rash decisions. When I got dehydrated, I got overconfident that my nutrition and hydration isn’t that big of a deal and I didn’t listen nearly enough. I won’t make that mistake again.

In order to learn a life lesson, you must have an open heart and an open mind. Overconfidence and complacency are how you get stuck reliving the same hurdles in life. You have to want to learn in order to learn. Your never going to pass an important test thinking “why does this happen to me?” or “I didn’t do anything wrong”. You have to look at your lessons from the Universe as an opportunity to grow as a person. If life didn’t throw adversity your way, you would never be able to grow, evolve or change as a person. You can choose to grateful for the opportunity and excited for a challenge or you can choose to neglect a lesson that can help turn you into a better version of you. Viewing a valuable lesson in a different way can be a major step towards finding the solution and acing it the first time.

Good vibes and thoughts can help you in any situation including this one. Your thoughts are very powerful and, if you know how to control them well, will help you create the reality that you want to live in. Always believe in yourself in any situation if you want to achieve something. Doubt and anger are a big no-no when communicating with the Universe. They will break you down, spiral you out of control and waste your time with unnecessary problems. Staying calm, however, will help you listen and make it easier to find the solution.

I hope these words encouraged you to give them try when the Universe is testing. I will implement them into my life so I can learn my lesson properly. Growth is something very special in life that we are very lucky to have. Sending you joy vibes!


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