Enticing Joy

Where you place your focus/attention is the most important decision you will ever make – and the one that you have to make continuously throughout your days. It is so important to turn your attention away from negativity and towards positivity – but how? Positivity and negativity are always coming at you in the form of your perception and reaction to Life. YOU get to choose which one you want to focus on/remember/project/dwell in. No matter how bad you think your day is, there is always positivity to focus on. Focusing on positivity is a mindset that attracts far more positive than negative. If we’re constantly choosing, let’s figure out how to choose well. Here are three ways that explain why we should focus on the positivity in life and a bit about how to do that.

Focusing on positivity attracts more positivity. Like attracts like. Everything in life has a balance of positive and negative forces. You can find that you attract more negatives to yourself when you’re thinking negatively and that you attract more positives to yourself when you think positively. When you’re constantly thinking about joy, happiness, success, and love in a positive way, you will attract it. However, there are certain ways you could think about these things in a negative way. If you constantly think about how you need and want success or love in your life, this will only attract more needing/wanting. The vibration of need/want stands out rather than the positive thing you’re hoping for. You have to go with the ebbs and flows of life without thinking, “Why is this happening to me,” or “Life is unfair,” in order to attract what you want. If you can attract what you want with your focus (and you can), I’d say focusing on the positive is worth it.

Positive thinking helps with stress and can even improve your health. Optimism can keep you calm and can help you find a solution in a crisis moment. Taking deep breaths and thinking positively can help to manage your anger and your stress, which will probably help you live longer as well. Focusing on the little joys in life can help you face your fears, find a solution to a crisis and be a better version of yourself. So, a perspective towards the positive and an ability to see the silver linings goes a long way towards creating a life filled with positivity.

Going with the flow in life is another rule that you must follow (with your thoughts) if you want to create a life of positivity. You can’t try to change life. Resistance to ‘what is’ is a short cut to negativity. Life will throw curveballs and challenges at you, and, in order to hit a home run, you have to think positively. You have to welcome what comes. You can’t walk through your life thinking that you won’t have to face a problem, problems help us grow. You can always rise to the challenges of any so called ‘problem’ if you enjoy the adventure and focus on (and expect) wins in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it made sense. I encourage you to think and focus on the positives daily and I guarantee you that it will help you with your journey. Sending joy vibes to all of you!

Published by Geo

I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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