Creating Your Reality Bubble

My family has always taught me the importance of how what I focus on expands and how I have the power to create whatever reality I want. They taught me how these are linked and how valuable our attention is. If you want to create a positive reality, you must think positive thoughts, eradicate all fear and use joy. It sounds simple, but it sure isn’t easy. So here’s how you can make it easy.

Lately I’ve woken up, with a little help from my family, to the realization that there is a lot of fear programming in the world right now. There is a fear vibration in all of the mainstream media sites that lowers your frequency to the wrong vibe. If you want a positive reality, you must break free from the fear vibration and turn your attention away from the main-stream media. The internet and media are trying to bring you down so you must turn away from them to keep your energy high. You decide what you want to focus on. You can have a fearful, distracted reality, or, you can have a positive, joyful reality. You get to choose.

After I woke up to some truth, I tried to take out the fear and distraction. It was extremely hard because of how addicting the internet is. I found myself looking at the same websites, just repeating certain habits, knowing it was not good for me. My family helped me with this a lot. They told me that in order to successfully take something out, you must replace it with something better; better for your vibration, your reality and for yourself. So they helped me create this blog/website to share high vibrations with the world and to find others sharing the same frequencies. At first I was a little hesitant and resistant because I didn’t think that I liked writing that much. But eventually I made my first attempt and it was a lot more fun than I thought and I do like writing. The blog has grown from something I was sort of making myself do into something I choose to do; it helps me ground my high frequency energy into this space and it helps me have a place to look at other such frequencies. Where we put our attention matters so much! I chose to improve my reality. You can do the same.

My family and I also created some other great habits for doing my part to create and place my attention on my actual/chosen reality. I realized how important staying in the moment was and how important fresh eyes are. I used both of these in another great habit that helps me keep my focus right where I am and helps me look for the new in old familiar places: beach walks (you can do this in any nature setting near you). I’ve always loved the beach; the soft sand in my toes, the chilly touch of the cold water and the beautiful painting of the horizon. These walks help to clear my mind, have me focused on where I am at, and helped me create and appreciate the reality I actually live in (rather than projected low vibrations about other places/circumstances). I love walking the same route often and really being there. It is the same path, but many things change and I can feel very alive as I notice what is new and fresh on my familiar path. It is a fun practice and I always feel better immediately and long after my beach walks. Also, getting your bare feet on the ground is beneficial in countless ways.

My family also helped me with a positive social media site called We Heart It. I had a lot of fun creating inspiring quotes on beautiful images that can inspire others with their lives. Not only did it help others (hopefully), it helped me with my bubble of reality. It helped me to be clear about what type of thoughts I choose and what vibrations I allow into my reality. These positive habits were much better to look at instead of the mainstream internet/old habits and I felt myself become fearless, more positive, inspired, grateful, and more proud of the reality that I was creating. Find some good habits and I promise you will be happy with the results found in your reality.

I hope this article made sense and inspired you to create yourself an amazing reality. These are the most important times to choose joy over fear, positivity over negativity, and Alive over distracted! Find good habits and hobbies that turn you into a better version of yourself, one that you’ll be proud of! That’s how you can create a joyful reality bubble. Sending you lots of joy and good vibes!

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I am seeking joy vibes all around me.

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